Top 5 Useful Apps in 2021

Top 5 Useful Apps in 2021 : In today’s time, the smartphone has become a very important thing. Many new applications are launched daily for smartphones. Apart from this, many such advertisements also appear on mobile throughout the day, which users download on seeing. Do not even think about whether this application is good or bad for our device. But before downloading any application one should know about it well. Because there are many such applications in the market nowadays, which can steal our private information.

Top 5 Useful Apps in 2021

Since the application is the most important thing for any android mobile phone. Because with the help of an application on any mobile phone, you can do any work. For example, if you want to use the Internet, you will use a browser, if you want to see the map, then you will use the map application. That is, it is not possible to work on any mobile phone without application.

Top 5 Useful Apps in 2021

In this article, we are going to tell you about those such applications that you can keep in your mobile phone and bring in daily use.  if you want to know 5 most useful Android apps in 2021 then please read this article completely.


Fabby is a camera application launched by Google, with the help of which you can have a great selfie. This can be a great application for selfie lovers, in addition to blurring the background, many great features have also been provided. This app provides Photo & Video Segmentation, Style Transfer, Face Tracking, Facial Landmark Detection, 3D Landmarks, De-noise, De-blur, Face warping, etc.


Grammarly application is a very useful app for English writers. If you are learning new English and want to write well, then you can use this application. This application shows the mistakes you have made and suggests to improve. With the help of this suggestion, you can rectify the mistakes made in your article. Grammarly application mainly helps you in correcting grammatical errors in your article. This makes your article perfect.

Blur Wallpaper: 

We all put some wallpaper on the screen of our mobile phones. Sometimes we put such colourful wallpapers so that the names of some of the applications present in our mobiles are not seen properly. It also sometimes has to face difficulties. But with the help of blur wallpaper application, you can overcome this worry. Many times it happens that you like that wallpaper so much that you do not want to remove it. In such a situation, with the help of this application, you can blur that wallpaper. After blur, setting the wallpaper will make the application’s text appear clear.

Just Watch:

If you are fond of watching movies and web series, then ‘Just Watch’ application can be very useful for you. Because in this you get to know which film or web series is available on which platform. You can then go to that platform and watch a movie or web series. So download this application and enjoy your favourite movies and web series.

AP 15 Launcher:

This is a theme launcher application. After downloading it, the icon of your application will be converted into text as soon as it is installed. It looks very interesting to watch. You can download it using Google Play Store and use it. If you like this application then you can use this launcher forever.

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