Vodafone Launches Red Together Postpaid Plans for Families, Offers Up to 200GB Data at Rs. 999

Vodafone Red Together portfolio has been updated with new postpaid plans for clients looking to have one single plan for their family. The new lineup includes a Rs. 999 postpaid program with the ability to add as many as five connections. The postpaid plan brings 200GB information along with rollover support. Additionally, Vodafone provides a year of Amazon Prime as well as free access to the Vodafone Play app through the latest plan. There are also the Rs. 399 and Rs. 499 strategies for individuals. Each of the programs have unlimited voice calling benefits. Notably, the new movement makes the competition harder for Airtel that recently updated its postpaid program range.

Through the Rs. 999 postpaid program, Vodafone is supplying 200GB information in total. This means every single member of the program will find a quota of 30GB along with up to 40GB rollover and 80GB data for the mind of the family with 200GB rollover. Thus, the lease per connection arrives to Rs. 200.

The new portfolio also contains the Rs. 899 postpaid plan that’s designed for four connections. It attracts 70GB data for the member that is primary, while each family member receives 30GB data. Vodafone also includes the Rs. 749 postpaid plan with assistance for three connections — giving a quota of 30GB for each and every member and 60GB for the head of their household. Further, there is the Rs. 598 postpaid program that provides 30GB data compiling for just two connections and 50GB data for the key link.

For people, Vodafone’s postpaid portfolio has Rs. 499 plan with 75GB information and Rs. 399 program with 40GB data.

As we mentioned, the newest Vodafone postpaid plans have unlimited local, STD, and federal roaming calls. The plans also offer access to this Vodafone Play program and a year old Amazon Prime subscription. Similarly, there’s free Mobile Shield that’s touted to offer smartphone security against liquid and physical damage especially for the primary member.

“With the initiation of the new Plans, being on Postpaid is not only convenient and easy but super economical for the whole family,” explained Avneesh Khosla, Operations Director — Marketing, Vodafone Idea Limited, at a media statement.

The new Vodafone Red Together plans are competing against the upgraded Airtel postpaid programs that attracted the noteworthy Rs. 999 plan with the capacity to put in a total of five connections together with benefits like 150GB information and unlimited voice calling benefits.

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