Aadhaar Is Cybersecurity Chief Rajesh Pant States, Well Protected

Talking to ANI, he stated,”I will guarantee you your Aadhaar is well protected and there isn’t anything to fret about doing it.”

Highlighting that significant changes are seen following the debut of cybersecurity coverage in India, he said,”Current cybersecurity policy premiered in May 2013, because it has been six decades and plenty of things have shifted. The reach of cybersecurity wills alter. You will find new aspects like Ransomware and Web of Things (IoT) that will assist in creating a new plan for cybersecurity,” he explained.

Pant said his group will releases a strategy by 2020 and that his job would be to guarantee a cyberspace in India.

“Cyberspace involves people, companies and government. Are being shielded. The priority is industries like electricity, finance, oil and gasoline and the transportation industry because anything impacting them affects the country,” he explained.

Pant concluded by stating that India is prepared for”information revolution” since it is one of the top 3 players in virtually every sphere.

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