Ben Stokes Asked Umpires To Take Off Four Overthrows Throughout World Cup 2019 Final, Says James Anderson

The maiden World Cup victory of england was overshadowed by the manner in. Martin Guptill’s overthrow that deflected off Ben Stokes’ bat price New Zealand four additional runs that was critical in the context of game’s result. Former ICC umpire Simon Taufel explained that a mistake was created by the umpires and awarded an additional run. James Anderson has stated that Stokes requested them to take the four overthrows away and went into the umpires.

Anderson reported that Stokes, who had been hugely apologetic the minute the incident occurred, had appealed to the umpires to overturn his decision.

“The etiquette in cricket is in case the ball has been thrown in the stumps and it strikes you and goes to a difference in the area you do not run. But when it belongs to the border it is four and you can not do anything about it. I think, speaking to Michael Vaughan who watched him Ben Stokes went into the umpires and said,’Would you take that four runs away. We do not need it’

Throughout the closing over in England’s pursuit of 241 in Lord’s on Sunday, Stokes accidentally knocked the ball coming from heavy mid-wicket fielder and deflected off it into the next man boundary, while trying to dive because of his crease with an outstretched bat in an effort to finish his next run.

After consultation with Marais Erasmus and the remainder of his umpiring coworkers, Kumar Dharmasena signalled six runs for the episode, meaning England, who then appeared to be drifting from emptiness needing nine runs out of three chunks, were suddenly back into the search to their World Cup glory requiring three from 2.

They (England) ought to have been given five runs, not six, it is a very clear error and it is a mistake of judgment” Taufel informed

The ICC stated decisions were taken by the umpires based on their interpretation of their principles, and also the incident would not be commented on by the cricket body.

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