DeepNude Deepfake Program to Undress Women Shuts Down Following Furore

The founders of a program enabling users to virtually”undress” girls utilizing artificial intelligence have closed it down following a social networking uproar over its potential for misuse.

The founders of”DeepNude” stated the software was started a few months ago for”amusement” which they”greatly underestimated” requirement for the program.

“We never believed it’d be viral and (that) we’d not have the ability to restrain the visitors,” that the DeepNude founders, who recorded their place since Estonia, stated on Twitter.

We do not wish to earn money this way”

Articles from media, Vice as well as The Washington Post revealed the program can be used to have a photograph of a woman that was clothed and change into a picture, sparking outrage and debate over porn that was nonconsensual.

The program’s INTENDED USE was supposed to gratify the predatory and gruesome sexual dreams of pitiful men.”

DeepNude provided a free version of the program in addition to a paid version, and has been the most up-to-date in a fashion of”deepfake” technologies which may be employed to fool or manipulate.

Critics voiced concern that a number of versions of this software remained accessible and could be abused Even though the program was closed down.

“The #Deepnude program is out there today and will be utilized, regardless of the founder taking it out there. If there were a way to disable most of the variations on the market,” CCRI tweeted.

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