How to Create a folder in Computer?

Creating a folder is not a very difficult task, it is a very easy task, today we will tell you three ways with which you can easily create a folder.

First of all, you have to right-click where you want to create a folder, then you have to move the mouse point to New and there you have to click on the name of the folder as soon as you click on the folder a new one in front of you. The folder will be created, the name of this folder will be written as New Folder, which you can edit and do anything. This was the first way to create a folder.

The second way to create a folder is a bit different, in this you have to open any folder first. If you want to create another folder inside it, then you have to follow the steps given below.

For this, first you have to click the icon to create a new folder in the title bar at the top side of the folder, clicking on that icon, a new folder will come in front of you, whose name you can write anything.

Friends, this is the easiest way you can easily create a folder inside the folder, for that you can first press Ctrl + shift + n together and now your new folder will be automatically created. Can also be kept.

What is given in the folder?

Along with keeping the file in the folder, you can do many other things, whenever you open a folder, a title box will be made on top of which you will be given many options, which option you can use according to the method described below. can do .

Title bar

At the top of the folder, you will see an option named Title Bar, in which you will get to see the name of the folder and also you get a chance to see the property of the folder here, in this case, if you want, you will also get the option to create a new folder. .

Address bar

Your location will be known from the address bar, which drive and which folder you are currently in. If you want to go direct to a folder, for this you will have to click on the address bar and the location of the folder you have to go to. You will have to put this, you will reach that folder.