Huawei Warns US Hurting Itself With Tough Tech Policy

A senior executive for Chinese technology giant Huawei said Thursday he expects the organization’s animosity with the United States will be resolved and warned that the US will be shooting itself in the foot when it had been to shun Chinese technology.

Mika Lauhde, Huawei’s vice-president for cyber-security and solitude, told The Associated Press that he hopes for a”positive resolution” of their standoff with the US government and added that his firm isn’t the”nucleus of the issue,” pointing to the wider trade war between the united states and China.

The US has imposed sanctions against the entire world’s No. 1 network equipment supplier and second-largest smartphone maker, arguing it is legally beholden to the Chinese authorities, which could utilize the company’s merchandise for cyberespionage. These accusations are denied by huawei.

Lauhde told the AP that the US will be”pushing itself into a corner” if it had been to sever all ties with Huawei and other Chinese technology firms.

“If they are disconnecting themselves from everybody, that is (going to) occur vice versa as well,” he said, alluding to possible Chinese response.

Some cyber-security specialists say that Washington, just up to warning other nations against working with Huawei actions, will only further encourage China to become more technically self-reliant and will be dividing the globe into two tech teams.

Lauhde rejected proposal of a full split in the tech market.

“I really don’t believe that we would be establishing two distinct camps,” he told the AP. “I still believe that we’re working collectively.”

The ceremony was attended by putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping .

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