Incidentally, Grass Tasted Like Never Before”: Novak Djokovic On Wimbledon Win

Serbian world No. 1 Novak Djokovic thinks that the summit battle in the only completed Wimbledon against Roger Federer was a”game that had everything” and will probably be remembered forever. As the players gave their all to attain the glory, the game, which had been the longest went all of the way. Match that surpasses our game,” Djokovic stated in an Instagram article on Tuesday.

“I’m forever grateful to be a part of it. Major regard to Roger to get a titan fight”

“It’s been rather a tennis travel for me in the previous 12 months. Coming back from injury and seeking to reach the amount of tennis that would let me compete for slams,” he added.

Following the success , the Serbian leaned down and plucked a couple of strands of grass from the courtroom before popping them into his mouth.

“Self belief, endurance, dedication and significant support in my nearest people in Life let me be where I am now. I’m blessed and I’m conscious of it,” stated the 32-year-old.

The set is, separated by rafael Nadal, with 18.

“Wimbledon, it’s been a fantastic pleasure to generate history and discuss the courtroom with legend of the sport after more. I’ll continue begging to be a part of those moments later on. Incidentally, bud tasted like never before,” explained Djokovic.

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