Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield Coming to Nintendo Alter in November 2019

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games will be available for Nintendo Shift users starting November 15, programmer Game Freak has declared. The statement was made during a Pokemon Direct, and the video also details on all the newest things these games bring together, together with gameplay details and narrative titbits. Additionally, it summarizes the new Pokemon that’ll be understood in such matches. One of the core attribute emphasized is the Dynamax attribute that will temporarily maximise your Pokemon into monster dimensions, and increase is attack power also.

The 15-minute Direct introduced lots of new Pokemon as well, such as Wooloo the sheep, Gossifleur, Corviknight the flying taxi, and Snapping turtle Drednaw. It also gave us a sneak peek in Galar area’s Pokemon professor, the Champions. Pokemon Gyms were spotted and so are nothing but these giant stadiums seen in the 15-minute clip.

The Dynamax style will boost the Pokemon’s size and power one time per battle, and the new Max Raid Battle system will allow multiplayer battles against one Dynamaxed Pokemon too. Based on the latest Direct, random encounters do not seem to be making a comeback using Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.

The pre-E3 Direct needed a lot to discuss, and you can catch all the details in this 15-minute video below. Nintendo intends to do a broader E3 Immediate next week where it will announce a variety of different games coming to Switch in 2019, along with more details on both of these Pokemon games, hopefully

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