Sachin Tendulkar Suggests Alternative Rule To Winner Following Super Over Tie

Sachin Tendulkar, part of India’s 2011 World Cup winning team, wasn’t convinced with all the tie-breaker rule that indicates the team with more border count following a Super Over ought to be regarded as winner, also suggested that an alternative for this. Sachin Tendulkar indicated, in the event of a tie at the Super Over, there ought to be yet another Super Over shootout to determine the winner. The 46-year-old additionally included the rule shouldn’t be restricted to a World Cup final but each match to discover a winner.

“I believe there ought to be yet another Super Over to pick the winner, rather than thinking about the number of bounds scored by both groups. Not final. Every match is crucial.

Tendulkar joined the chorus using India vice president Rohit Sharma also chastising the ruler.

Rohit requested for a revision in the principle, tweeting:”Some principles in cricket certainly wants a significant look ”

The Person Of The Tournament in 2011 variant of this World Cup, Yuvraj Singh was upset with the conquer of New Zealand.

“I do not agree with this rule! But rules are rules to England on winning the World Cup, my heart goes out they fought until the end. Good match an epic

It had been the first time at a World Cup final the game was determined on the grounds of this border count tie-breaker rule.

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