Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone Launching in November Telecom Shows

After Samsung established the Galaxy Fold, we have been hearing rumours that it worked on foldable phones, maybe versions. A Weibo post implies that a phone that was foldable will be launched by the firm known as sometime in November, the W20 5G. The flip-phones of samsung generally have found under its W show and the teaser picture reveals the shape of a partly opened phone’s sides. The picture shows this device’s name.

A current Weibo article by China Telecom includes a teaser for its Samsung W20 5G cell phone telephone, thanks to launch sometime in November. This time, at screen which excels in half, very similar to the Galaxy Fold, we might be taking a look rather than a keypad that is physical. The teaser picture shows a shape of the phone’s surfaces, in a position using light out of where the screen ought to be emanating. It might have a screen on the exterior. Of course this might have been achieved for effect and also the W20 5G could be another clamshell with a keypad. The article was seen from Fonearena.

We have been hearing solid rumours about Samsung preparing two foldable models following the initiation of the Galaxy Twist and maybe even information about a cell phone that collapses to a square. The W20 5G could be among those versions.

Recent leaked pictures of the Razr 2019 front-facing mobile provide us a peek in a gearing screen , in a single body reminiscent of the timeless Razr attribute phone with a clamshell design and a screen on the outside cover too. We ought to get additional information shortly.


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