Top 4 Best Android Application For Every Mobile

Hello Friend I am Man Singh Today we will talk about this article Top 4 Best Android Application – Top 4 Best Android Application Today, in this post we will tell you which Android Application for you.

Top 4 Best Android Application For Every Mobile

Top 4 Best Android Application For Every Mobile

Google Map

Google Map is available to you by the default company in your smartphone. If you have uninstalled the score by mistake, then install it immediately because this application is going to be very useful to you. If you are somewhere out of city or you are in a place where you do not know the location, then Google map helps to show you the way.

Avg Antivirus

If you are a smartphone user, then it is very important to have antivirus in your smartphone. Because your personal data, personal photos and many other things are stored in your smartphone. If you want to protect your smartphone from hackers then install antivirus in your smartphone today. Avg Antivirus is a very good antivirus for your smartphone. Because this antivirus feature is that it is absolutely free and protects your smartphone in every way.


Paytm application is a very important application for your smartphone. If this application is in your smartphone then you will never have any problem of recharge. And anytime you are stuck somewhere alone and you have money problems, then you can ask for money from your friend or from a relative in your Paytm wallet. The biggest feature of Paytm is that if you recharge any of it then you also get cashback in it.

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MX Player

If you are fond of watching videos or movies, then it is very important to have an MX player in your smartphone. With its help, you will be able to enjoy the movie in your smartphone. This application is the most used video application in the whole world.

True caller

True caller is the most used Android application in today’s time. If your smartphone does not have this application, then there is no benefit from having a smart phone. Because with the help of this application, you get an idea of ​​any unknown number that comes in your smartphone, which person is this mobile number and what is its location.

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