Top 5 Best Mobile Applications For Bloggers

Top 5 Best Mobile Applications For Bloggers
Best Mobile Applications For Bloggers

Top 5 Best Mobile Applications For Bloggers – Hello friends how are you?  today i am going to give you a very useful information.  In today’s article i will tell you about some blogging mobile applications. if you are a blogger and you don’t have laptop and computer so you have to read my full article carefully because in today’s article which applications i will tell you all are useful for you. Mobile Applications For Bloggers

Friends blogging is a very good way for earning online. Many people use blogging for earning money but friends if you want to do blogging so you must have a laptop and computer because the blogging work is totally depend on computer and laptops. 

Mobile Applications For Bloggers – Many peoples want to do blogging but they don’t have laptop so he canot do blogging. friends if you also want to do blogging but you don’t have laptop so don’t worry because i will tell you some mobiles applications which use you can continue your blogging in your smartphone.  Friends if you want to do blogging from a smart phone please read full article carefully. 

Google keep

This application is same as Google document application.  In this application you can write your thoughts , articles in free time. Some time we are free and we want to write something but we don’t have laptop and computer so we cannot write our thoughts in that situation you can write your thoughts in this applications. 

Friends we cannot keep our laptop with us Everytime.  In this situation we can use this application for writing article. If you want to download this application so you have to go on Google play store . Here you have to search Google keep application , now you can download this application , The user interface of this application is very simple and easy everyone can use this application. 

WordPress for Android

Many people use wordpress for free website.  some people use and some people use WordPress for creat his website if you want to to keep your wordpress software always with you so you have to download wordpress mobile version.  

You can download wordpress mobile version in your smartphone easily.  you have to go on Google play store and download this application. This wordpress application is same as wordpress website in this wordpress application you can do all works with you do in WordPress website in computer. 

Microsoft onedrive

Microsoft onedrive is also very useful application for bloggers. When you upload your article in website you have to insert some images on that article . many people use mobile phone for searching pictures and edit pictures after edit we have to send picture in laptop but friend this is a long procedure to send picture mobile to laptop . 

With this application you can access your mobiles photos in your laptop you have to upload your photo in your Microsoft onedrive account from your smartphone and easily you have to open Microsoft onedrive in your laptop and you can access all photos .


Friends if you are a blogger so you definitely know that what is the importance of a copyright free images for blogging. many people use Google for download pictures but they don’t know that the pictures hr download from Google all are copyright pictures, if you use that picture so you will get copyright strike if you want to protect your website from copyright strike so you have to download your pictures from pixabay website. 

 In pixabay website you will get all categories pictures. all pictures will copyright free you can use any picture without any tension.


Friends when we upload our article in website we have to share that article in our social media account . if we use sepratly social media account for sharing article so this is a very long process  . we will have to open application one by one like our Facebook WhatsApp Instagram For sharing article , if we use buffer applications we can share your article in all all social media platform from one click

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Friends this article is ends here , this is a small article for you . In today’s article I told you about some best blogging applications . I hope you will have understood if you have any query so please comment us thank you